DEEPBIT has more than 17 years of experience in independent bit design.

DEEP BIT can design a custom bit in 15 days. Utilizing the advanced power of NX10.0 design software, each bit design is created for the specific formation lithology and drilling application requirements.

NX 10.0 is well-known throughout the world of drill bit design and is used globally by industry leaders, including Smith Bits. True to our mission to explore deeper, DEEP BIT developed a subprogram, that streamlines the process, and increases the efficiency for the design process. This is why DEEP BIT is at the forefront in turnaround time- providing high quality, faster.

DEEP BIT designers work to design a cutting structure that has the lowest total imbalance force possible, with total imbalance forces of ~4% or less considered good. The better the force balancing, the more resistant the bit will be towards initiation of bit vibration.

Product reliability is guaranteed through the analysis of bit stress and reaction.

To create the optimal bit design, DEEP BIT engineers use advanced Finite Element Analysis software to analyze the bit stress and reaction to forces.

FEA software simulates the dynamic response of a sudden impact change and predicts unanticipated cutter damage. This information is used to directly improve bit durability and extend bit life.

The PDC cutting structure is further improved with FEA software analysis of load stress and composite layer simulations. DEEP BIT has cooperated with many well-known international companies to develop patented PDC cutters.