DEEPBIT has over seventeen years of experience supplying quality products and services to customers worldwide. In China DEEPBIT holds the leading market share and top performance position for almost all Onshore and Offshore applications.

  • 1999
    • Top engineering minds departed Baker Hughes China JV to form Chengdu Deep Diamond Bit Co. Ltd (DEEPBIT)
  • 2002
    • DEEPBIT is established.
  • Today
    • Despite the recent industry downturn, DEEPBIT is expanding its footprint and continues to invest in people, technology, and infrastructure globally.
    • Over a short period of time, we have achieved great results in in Kuwait, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, North and Central Africa and continue to grow in all markets of China.

Qualifications and Certifications

Certificate API-7-1

HSE Management System

Quality Management System API Spec Q1 & ISO9001


DEEPBIT not only guarantees International Standards and up-to-date design solutions, materials, component parts and manufacturing processes, but is on a mission to continuously advance the drilling industry.

DEEPBIT prioritizes quality control. DEEPBIT laboratories are hard at
work conducting chemical analyses on highly complex materials,
structural studies, grade identification, grain size, plating thickness,
operation control, modification of technology processes of powder
metallurgy, chemical and heat treatment of bit component parts,
so that you get the right bit for your job.

Our Clients include