DEEP BIT has been a trusted field service provider for more than 17 years.

Our experienced Bit Engineers gather offset information, conduct a thorough analysis of the application’s requirements, and prepare a proposal for your custom design drill bit.

Offset information includes:

  • Well location casing program
  • Sonic data and Gama Ray data necessary for a numerical rock compressive strength calculation
  • Formation tops and formation lithology
  • Offset well bit records and daily drilling records – where possible

Bit Engineers input Sonic and GR data into DEEP BIT’s own Rock Mechanics Analysis software to conduct a Rock Compressive Strength Analysis.

With this calculation, the rock lithology, rock compressive strength and friction angle are determined.

Once the drill bit proposal has been submitted to the drilling engineers at your company, a BIT Engineer will arrange a technical presentation and meeting at your office to discuss the bit selection in detail.