Spiraled blades have been shown to reduce the potential for bit whirl and make a PDC drill bit much more stable during drilling.

Tungsten carbide Inserts improve bit stability and reduce potential vibration by restricting lateral movement and axial impacts.

Limits excessive depth of cut and help reduce cutter loading, minimize torque in hard – soft – hard interbedded formation drilling.

Active gage is suited for sidetracking jobs and directional applications. It’s more aggressive in side cutting.

Cutters on the upside of each blade help back reaming in tight spots and reduce the potential for the bit to stick when pulling out of the hole.

Special material is applied in the surface of the bit’s cutting structure to significantly increase the erosion resistance and reduce the tendency of clay or shale to sticking.

Optimized Hydraulic in applications where nozzles compromise bit design because of space limitation. The fixed port provides additional clean and cooling for cutting structures.