DM Series

DEEP BIT offers the standard sizes and customize sizes from 3-1/2” to 26”.

Matrix Body PDC bits are widely used in oil and gas well drilling. The Matrix Body PDC bits can withstand higher temperatures than Steel Body PDC bits and offer more resistance to erosion. In a high flow rate environment, the Matrix Body PDC has a longer life.

DEEPBIT D Series bits have already become a drilling industry standard of consistent performance over the last 18 years. Utilizing advanced Cutter PDC technology (comparable to deep leached cutters), ultra-efficient cutter layout force balancing, improved erosion resistant material, and enhanced hydraulics. DEEP BIT has achieved a combination of higher ROP and longer intervals drilled than any other bit in most application.

DS Series

DEEP BIT offers 3-1/2” ~ 26” including standard sizes and customize sizes.

Steel body PDC bits are widely used in oil and gas well drilling. Steel body PDC bits are capable of withstanding high impact loads, are equipped with big junk slot area for better cutting evacuation and are at a lower price point compared with Matrix Body PDC bits.

Our DS Series Steel body bits incorporates all the great features of the standard D Series bits.


Bit Diameter

3.5” ~ 26”



OR = orBIT



M Matrix Body

S = Steel Body



Cutter Size

08 = 8 mm cutters

11 = 11 mm cutters

13 = 13 mm cutters

16 = 16 mm cutters

19 = 19 mm cutters


Blade Count


Bit Profile

Example Style Sheets